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Can't get FR24 Feed to work

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  • Can't get FR24 Feed to work

    Hi all,

    I've recently got back into Raspberry Pi's and downloaded the FR24 Pi image on to my SD card and booted up the Pi.

    On a PC on the same LAN I saw the Pi come up and was able to Activate it. Everytthing went well there and it said it was now ready to share data and showed my sharing key. I had to put in the location co-ordiantes. All good.

    I logged out of FR24 and then logged back in again and the "My Data Sharing" says "Offline".
    Last upload: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
    Sharing Key: -

    If I look onthe Pi's output screen, there is nothing listed under FR24 link or Radar code. At one point it was there but now its gone.

    So obviously nothing is sharing.

    Any ideas much appreciated.

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    Bad sd-card that didn't save the configuration when activating?

    Really i've heard many issues with that activation ....

    you can use this command to signup from the command line:

    sudo fr24feed --signup

    Ater completing that, do a reboot:
    sudo reboot

    In case you ever want have local stats / other interesting local stuff, take a look at this:


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      Thankyou for your reply.

      I've tried a different SD card and it is the same. I do now get the Radar code coming up on the Pi's screen but it still says FR24 link: Disconnected and when logged into my Flightradar account on my PC, comes up as Offline on the websites "My data sharing" page.
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        Ok, so this is the output from the Pi:

        [ok] FR24 Feeder/Decoder Process: Running
        [ok] FR24 Stats Timestamp: 2022-06-04 15:19:11
        [Fail] FR24 Link: connecting ... failed!
        [ok] Receiver: Connected (MSGS/ SYNC)
        [Fail] FR24 MLAT not running ... failed!

        The fr24feed.ini is as follows:

        mlat without gps=yes
        procargs="--gain -10 --net"
        fr24key=key is listed but have omitted it from here.


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          If I have a look at the fr24feed.log it looks ok right up until it starts to try to connect to
          It eventually says Error could not connect to feed.

          I hope those stats help. Thanks again.


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            Not really, i'd need to see the logs.
            You could always write a ticket ... fr24 staff doesn't usually respond here.

            If you're asking for my recommendation, i already linked my guide how to set up an ADS-B receiver, it decouples fr24feed and the decoder and gives you logs in journalctl for fr24feed.