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Feeding FR24 and Radarbox

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  • Feeding FR24 and Radarbox

    Hi there,

    I've been feeding FR24 for some Years with my Pi 1, no problems. Yesterday I've installed the RBFeeder (with the instructions from the RB Website) and it works fine, BUT my Pi didn't uploaded Data to FR24 anymore. I got the "online - no Data" Message. Today I've found out that the Pi will send only Data to one of the Services (that one I've started first on the Pi). So if I started FR24 before RBFeeder, the Data goes to FR24 and the other way. Can someone tell me which setting I have to change to Feed both Services simultaneously?


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    You've discovered a common issue with both fr24 and rb24.
    Instead of running a dedicated decoder and offering data on a local port, they grab the SDR exclusively.

    This page has some instructions on setting up a dedicated decoder and installing (among others) FR24.
    No instructions for rb24 but the install script for the decoder will fix the rb24 settings to use network mode (which gets the data from the dedicated decoder).


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      Solved here:
      Re: Feeding FR24 and Radarbox

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      Re: Feeding FR24 and Radarbox

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