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Have lost login IP address

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  • Have lost login IP address

    Hi Guys

    I have a FR24-Receiver and all has been working well for years...

    Then recently I tried to change the static IP address via the web interface but afterwards lost all connectivity.

    I have made a direct connection from PC to receiver but can't find the receiver's IP address to log in...

    I have tried using the ARP -a command whilst setting the NIC on the PC to the various private IP ranges i.e. and and but no luck

    Do you know what IP address the receiver will default to?

    It isn't defaulting to obtain IP using DHCP as it seems to have it's own address but I can't find what it is...

    Do you know if you can do a hard reset on the device?



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    look at the DHCP table of your router to see if your Pi has gotten a different IP adress. if not you need to hook it up to a screen and keyboard and mouse to see what is going on in the Pi itself. If you disabled network connectivity you won't find it in the DHCP table or on your network.