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    For the last few days my feed has been showing "Online - No Data" intermittently and now shows this constantly. I have rebooted the pie and restarted FR24 but still have the same problem.

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    Same suggestions as your precious thread.

    If you are watching the 'stats' page on fr24 accounts area for your online status.


    It is a totally different server to where the feeder sends data. And often goes down. So reports the feeder is down when it isn't
    just like this user found

    Use the built in :8754 webpage to monitor tracked targets/info, or the ssh commands fr24feed-status which remove the stats server from the equation.
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      Why doesn't FR24 put a big notice up something along the line of "Sorry the stats page server is down again so don't waste time trying to fix it on your end. It is our problem but really we can't be bothered doing anything about it now. Someone at some point might fix it but in the mean time tough."

      You do not seem to realise that a lot of people who feed data to FR24 like to keep track of their stats and for that reason FR24 should make sure the servers are robust so we don't have this problem.
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        Because the priorities appear to be the business. Not the forum or peoples stats. It's economics and naturally more focus is on the revenue source.

        What you may think is 'a lot' is actually very few in the larger picture.
        Note how people only visit the forum for database changes now?

        Because most are sitting at home content knowing their stuff 'just works' until they see their Business subscription downgrade. They don't tend to look at stats pages.

        That makes up a far greater number than those that do. Myself including unless I get an outage notice.

        Priorities as I see from fr view:

        Web display working
        feeder server working
        Feeders data being received

        Feeders online
        socialmedia/ blog presence

        Feeders stats


        while users:
        Free business subscription

        website working

        free business subscription

        Free business subscription

        website working

        My data being used

        My radar being seen on the web (thank god that's gone)

        My stats page

        My feeder working


        Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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          Consider using local statistics and a standalone decoder: