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Performance Graph goes up and down during the day

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  • Performance Graph goes up and down during the day

    My performance graph for each day seem to have multiple highs and lows, any clue as to what's going on? I've got my antenna next to a 2nd floor window.

    Do I have to change some config? I have the Blue Pro Stick Plus and the Flightaware 26" antenna.

    The attached image is the graph for the messages received, the graph for the Aircraft seen is very similar too. I can't imaging the number of flights fluctuating so much every few minutes. I'm assuming it has something to do with my setup/configuration.

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    That's a week worth compressed into one strip vs a day period?

    Less aircraft = less messages/s

    So entirely possible. Check the timeline. The lulls are less spiked towards midnight which makes sense. Not sue where you are, but here there are a lot less GA (hard to visual fly..) and commercial unless freight.
    The bits in the peak of the days although spiky look normal-ish to me?. Same number of position data as message rate. Unless the decode rate is being overrun and mis interperted.

    Wiedehopf will enlighten more
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      Interesting pattern.

      Post the range and signal graph as well?


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        wiedehopf All the graphs for my site -

        I was hoping it'd be more like this - - once it goes up during the day it remains up and not goes up and down all the time.

        For now, it looks like every hour I have a peak and then the next hour a valley during the day. Maybe that's the aircraft pattern around my house. I live in the Dallas, Texas area with the DFW International and Lovefield airports about 20 miles from my house.

        On Another Note, The antenna is next to a 2nd floor window, I happened to open the window this afternoon and the Total Aircraft count jumped from 130 to 170, I probably have some sort of film on my windows, but didn't know it would make such a huge difference. Now I'm going to buy a flat cable and try to set the antenna outside the window. Hopefully the flat cable won't cause any significant losses.
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          Pretty sure that's just the timing of flights so passengers can reach their connecting plane better.


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            gotcha, thank you.