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Simple guide to feed to FR24 and adsb exchange & antenna help T-EGSH156

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  • Simple guide to feed to FR24 and adsb exchange & antenna help T-EGSH156

    Apologies if covered elsewhere!

    I have been feeding to FR24 for a year i guess now. Im not great with computers but followed the instructions how to set up raspberry pi and it worked fine!

    I have research how to feed to other sites. I like adsb exchange and would like to feed to them as well.

    Problem is I just don't understand how to. I have dyslexia and this adds to me not understanding. A video would help so much!

    Does anyone have a really simple 'Idiots guide' somewhere that would help me with this?

    Do I just simply need to use the SD card and add some more info to it?

    I do love FR24 and watching the planes!

    Also, any help on an antenna? I have mine right at the top of the loft and have extended my range from 60 - 110 miles. But I got the cheapest antenna, would a better antenna help, any recommendations?



    T-EGSH156 - Norwich

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    I don't suppose this will help you:

    Everything you need to do is described though, so ... would just require you to keep going.
    Maybe try on 2nd sd card so you can plug in the old one if you aren't getting further?

    Equipment stuff:


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      This is a good antenna, small and easy to handle. Prices are very fair also including freight. If they are out of stock he will make one for you. I have bought 4 and they work perfectly.