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Log file location and empty fr24feed_install_dump1090.log

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  • wiedehopf
    Installing as described in my guide gives you sensible logging to journalctl which is by default only in memory, logging to file without necessity fills up the disk.

    Otherwise you need to enable the log via /etc/fr24feed.ini and make sure the permissions are appropriate so that fr24feed can create the logfile (make a directory to write the logs to and chown to fr24)

    If you do a separate dump1090-mutability ... might as well go to readsb or dump1090-fa as described at the start of the guide i linked above, dump1090-mutability is no longer update and doesn't feature as many aircraft details.

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  • Log file location and empty fr24feed_install_dump1090.log


    I have just 2 question about the fr24feed and logging. I installed it with the script:
    sudo bash -c "$(wget -O -"

    I seems fr24feed logs into /var/log where I would do this in /var/log/fr24feed
    1) What would be the best way to do this?

    I also got this log file /var/log/fr24feed_install_dump1090.log
    2) Why is this file empty and who is creating this file?

    I installed the dump1090-mutability package manually and is running fine.

    Thanks for any feedback,