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    Originally posted by Gaelan View Post
    Hi everyone,

    My name is Gaelan and I'm one of the Product Owners here at FR24. I wanted to just follow up on my colleagues Khan's post and the continuing thread here.

    I can confirm that we do indeed use MLAT data from T feeds, however it's also not 100% of the data provided.

    Whilst I'd like to share all the details regarding our MLAT calculation process and all the behind the scene's 'stuff' this is proprietary information and something that we are continuing to work and improve these constantly. I can however say one particular reason why we use less T Feed data in MLAT is due to the less reliable and precise timestamps often provided by the systems. We do endeavour to use as much data as possible, with obvious limits to ensure accuracy.

    We do appreciate your feedback, comments and suggestions as always!!
    Also thanks for responding. Well, first of all a lot in this thread is feedback enough, I think. For starters you can be a lot clearer on when MLAT is possible from dump1090, as Khan writes anyone who opts for another device than the DVB-stick or dump-instance is not contributing to MLAT. For years I for one have been sure that I did because it was written bold "YES" in the config interface. Don't do that. You just end up with confused users who has spent a lot of time, energy and money setting up feeders believing that MLAT coverage would improve. This can also be improved with better guidance and manuals. Tell users what they should do! Is it required that a real-time clock is added to the RBPi? Many people would gladly do that, instead of buying expensive antennas, filters and such for "no gain" (pun intended).

    Most important is: dump dump1090-mutability. It is ancient in comparison. Set a goal to write the best decoder there is with settings to cater for both the beginner and the enthusiast (and other feeding software). I just spent a couple of hours downgrading a fully capable reciever to your dump1090 but could not make site position and range rings work, if it was added to the settings page as a procarg MLAT would not work.


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      Originally posted by hansp View Post

      Have not used it much myself but from what I can see it shows the aircraft tracked by a specific reciever, but the data is derived from several recievers and not only "my data". So it is not really a radar as much as it is a list of aircraft that can be seen by my (and others) reciever.
      Echos this users findings that lead me to my replys conclusion.

      I don't personally use it, Seeing 'my data' online isn't such a gain as leaving it alone, monitoring my own local movements for out of the ordinary contacts and supplying the community the remainder. It's been stable since 2012. And feeding prior so nothing more to gain or a feature I need above that really.

      As with the previous stance of 'its random' all along, I just keep a pure local data eye rather than any potential pre-filtered or merged data one.
      Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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        Gaelan Agree with hansp. The most frustrating things is not to know if what you do is helping or not. Except it is even more frustrating to learn that you have actually done counterproductive things rendering your data worthless.

        I think you could improve MLAT enormously if you gave the hosts a clearer idea of what is productive or counterproductive in optimizing reception.