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Cannot Change Lat Lon in Web App or by Changing ProcArgs

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  • Cannot Change Lat Lon in Web App or by Changing ProcArgs

    I recently moved and so I followed the advice on the forum to edit my lat lon on my station stat pages...That's a no go as the lat lon is greyed out and the only thing I can change is my elevation. I also updated my procargs in the fr24feed.ini file, then restarted and reloaded pages, but it still shows my old lat lon and doesn't allow me to edit. Screen shots attached. What am I doing wrong?


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    The location in procargs has nothing to do with fr24. That is the local /dump1090 map centre.

    Use the map above it. Zoom out and relocate the red pin. I just checked that is still possible.

    It is blanked out now presumably to stop people screwing up manual entries when they don't know the difference with decimal vs degrees
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      Thanks Oblivian, that worked. I never thought to try and move the pin... not the easiest in the world but at least I only moved 25 miles or so... not too arduous!