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Large gaps in graphs1090 data

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  • Large gaps in graphs1090 data

    Can anyone explain why I repeatedly have large gaps in the fraphs1090 pages? This can only be solved with a pi restart. I have changed SD cards too and am still faced with the same issue.
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    Do the system graphs continue?

    Could also be that you have fr24feed or rbfeeder corrected wrong and they sometimes grab the SDR meaning your main decoder which graphs1090 is monitoring can't do it.

    When the gap happens ... check if your usual local map still has planes (which do you use?).

    Also please follow the instructions for reporting issues with graphs1090 when there is no data being recorded:

    Which decoder are you using?


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      Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been working away this week.

      System graphs do not continue and also exhibit the same large gaps in data.

      I’m using Tar1090 and yes, when there is no reported data on the graphs I am still tracking and uploading data.

      I will report the issue later today.

      I also have another SD card which I will re-image and see if that works.


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        Just rerun the graphs1090 install please:

        After that please collect the logs requested here and share them via pastebin:

        No need to reimage.
        If you ever reimage, i'd highly recommend this approach to things:


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          FYI this seems to have been solved by using a much better quality SD card.