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Receiver down every saturday at 10:59

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  • Receiver down every saturday at 10:59


    every Saturday night at almost 11pm my tracker seems to go offline, does anyone know why it just stops working at the same time on the same day of the week?

    I have a raspberry pi 3B running wirelessly to a hotspot but this site is actually reporting it to being offline so its just not the receiver down.
    I mean i can put a timer outlet on the power to make it turn off for 5 mins and back on.
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    hmmm just had a thought, could be DHCP ip leasing however the unit is remote so i would have to physically check.


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      The stats server that sends alerts is a different one to normal feed too. So may be getting it wrong.

      Mine has a few times. Get alert, check.. nope. Still uploading

      The actual feeder status is a better indicator
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