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Connection terminated - receiver disappears

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    That picture looks wrong.
    The voltage drops on the USB extension cable so the meter will measure the voltage before it is reduced.

    To correctly measure you need to plug the SDR directly into the meter.


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      Well, the meter doesn't have the correct connector for the receiver so I used as short last cord as possible (from what I had). An adapter would be needed in any case.

      The measurement is made after the 5m-extension cord so I'd say that the last 15cm will only claim a few mV - but yes - ideally I would measure on the Uin-pins of the IC inside the receiver to be really accurate..


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        Oh sorry i confused the directions.
        What brand of SDR is that anyhow?
        Never seen one like it.

        Can't you just relocate the RPi to where the SDR is?
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          No worries. I might just measure on the RPi-end to see what voltage drop is over the cable.

          In this case I just wanted to test how much better reception it would be with the antenna outside - and it seems a significant improvement. So either the signal from the plane is weak and the buildning is reducing it too much or the receiver is crap.

          Is it some China-stuff I got från
          I have spent a LOT of hours trying to make it work properly - What You Pay Is What You Get is very applicable here..

          This is just a test site. I will move it eventually. Just want it to work stable before relocation.


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            Start from scratch and set up as describe here:

            Should provide a stable setup with lots of options and a very nice local interface and statistics if you want those.


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              Ok, so I followed the instruction and installed readsb etc.

              It seems to be running but I can't access the /tar1090 web page.

              And where can I get the call signs that is picked up from?


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                Which URL did you use can you put it here? You should have enough posts to post it without issues with spam protection.

                Does it say 404 or something else?

                You can check the lighttpd log

                sudo journalctl -u lighttpd | tail -n30

                And you can also check if readsb is running correctly:


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                  Callsign comes from the transponder. Capt doesn't enter it, or bad reception (or an aircraft with mode-S only where it can't get enterted). You won't get those packets with it

                  But when you eventually find the local map display, you'll see how much stuff it shows. Basically a local FR24 screen.


                  It's pages of info. But made the attempts to clear up a lot of this.
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                    My bad..

                    My RPi is running Apache on port 80 so Lighttpd could not use it. Hence it failed to start.

                    Now changed to 8080 in config file, restarted and it is working.