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RPI 4b configuration questions

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  • RPI 4b configuration questions

    Hello all,
    I have an RPI 4b. I've followed the build your own documentation. I've installed the fr24 image and went through the configuration. It looks like I can connect, but I'm not sending data.

    I was not sure on the receiver type and baud rate settings, so those are a guess. This is the antenna I purchased based on your link:

    Nooelec NESDR SMArTee v2 Bundle

    This is from the link to this item:

    There is a small gap in frequency capability near 1100MHz. As such, we do NOT recommend this device for ADS-B usage. For ADS-B, consider NESDR SMArt, also available on Amazon

    Did I purchase the wrong antenna? Please let me know which one works the best for fr24 installations.


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    The answer is in the part of the advert.

    FR24 uses ADSB. And that's not the best one by their own admission.

    A working DVBT/SDR device, would be auto configured. And you shouldn't need baud rate and so on. Guessing in that respect. Isn't the best idea.
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      PI24 Settings



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        The genuine NESDR Smartee has no such caveat.

        That not recommended for ADS-B sounds like you bought a counterfeit item.
        Just for reference, this is the genuine article:

        Don't try to post a link though as you're new and the spam detection won't like that.


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          Hello all,
          I've re-imaged the micro-sd card with the latest fr24 image. I'm running on a RPI 4b with 2Gb memory. It looks like I have the software installed but not configured correctly? I left everything running overnight and it never did track any aircraft. I've purchased everything from so I know the parts are genuine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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            Install these two then you have a signal graph to show us

            You'll need to log into the pi to issue the commands, if you don't know how this should explain it:

            Oh yeah and as the readsb install script also reconfigures the fr24feed to use it as a data source ... any potential misconfiguration you have will also be fixed (it looks a bit wonky).


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              Type (or copy-paste) following address in a browser's address bar, and press Enter key:


              Do you see a map with aircrafts?
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                Hello all,
                I followed your installation steps and now my fr24feed setup is seeing aircraft. Thanks for all your help