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Migrating off dump1090-mutability

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  • Migrating off dump1090-mutability

    Actually logged into the UI for my RPi for the first time in ages after it failed to connect following a wifi outage and realised that in a week it will have been [intermittently] alive for 2 years and I haven't thought once about updating it (always a problem when things "just work").

    As it appears v1.15~dev should no longer be used, what's my best update route?

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    You can leave it as is really if its a fire and forget system.

    Same decoder base as dump1090-fa (as I've been corrected many times)

    Just some more features on the latter that may or may not be of use
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      Best start with a fresh image

      Anyhow this should be a smooth transition if you don't want to start with a fresh image: