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  • Card corruption

    Every time (nearly) I power down my pi, the card gets corrupted and needs an entire redo...
    any ideas what could be causing this ?
    Other than keeping a backup of the card, what can I do ?
    I presume I need to format and reinstall the feeder image ?
    Or would a different os with the feeder installed be more hardy ?


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    Is it corrupting, or just not saving settings once you set it up as you would expect (read only mode so not restarting as expected)

    You shouldn't just pull the power. As caching and file writes will be interupted. Should always try use a sudo shutdown -h now
    or sudo halt
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      I always use "sudo shutdown now" then wait for green LED to stop blinking and turn off completely (takes about 30 to 40 seconds after shutdown command). The blinking of green LED indicates that write process to save settings is in progress.

      By doing shutdown and disconnecting powe by above method, my install never got corrupted. I am using all 3 images: Pi24 image, Piaware SD card image, and Raspbian image.
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        The ext4 filesystem used by Raspbian doesn't care about power loss, it should not get corrupted.
        I think the real issue with the Raspberry Pi is unstable voltage resulting in malfunctioning sd-card controllers.

        Have you experienced the issue with more sd-cards than the current one, it could be defective or even the whole batch if you bought multiple could have issues.
        Try a different sd-card .. preferably a new one is your best bet.
        Other than that i'd recommend getting an Raspberry Pi official power supply.


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          I don't get chance to issue commands !
          all my network gear is on one power supply, and if I'm not home the folks do the typical I T fix, turn it off and on again lol
          Everything else comes back up, but the can see the green led blinking and then steady...the pi does not register on the network so it's stuck on boot.
          I have another pi in the drawer .. I'll see if that makes any difference later.
          Thanks guys


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            In that case you should check if there could be an IP that's changing?


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              Well if the folks do the IT fix of turning it off and back on again then I doubt any number of Pi's or indeed SD Cards would resolve the problem!

              Could you not write a script or batch file they run on a computer or device to attempt a safe or controlled shutdown before physically pulling the plug?

              I have my Pi's running PoE from a switch powered from a UPS and always use sudo shutdown -h now and have never suffered card failure.

              Not much help if you have no alternative but to power-cycle without performing a clean/safe shutdown although if the Pi has locked up hard then chances are it won't be writing to the card anyway.

              Good luck!



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                Appears to be a hardware issue... The original pi simply would not boot, but the same card in another pi ran up straight away, the power supply isn't the issue so not sure what else causes this, but as it's the same card - this time without reinstalling anything ,it's obvious my original suspicion was wrong.
                its all fun and games


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                  Glad to know your system is up and running now.
                  During last 5 years, my 3 Pis have ended up in the trash can (Pi 1B+, CHIPS, and OrangePiPC).
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                    Are you no longer feeding then abcd ?


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                      Originally posted by Rooster View Post
                      Are you no longer feeding then abcd ?

                      I am still feeding. T-CYYZ-9, T-CCYZ52, T-CYYZ100
                      I purchased a new replacement Pi whenever one failed.

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