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Raspberry Pi and FR24 Feeder command line question?

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  • Raspberry Pi and FR24 Feeder command line question?

    Well I finally got round to installing fr24feed earlier this afternoon and am happy to report that it is working nicely alongside the rbfeeder thanks to the advice given to me in this and another forum!

    I use an app on the iPhone called Simple-Pi (amongst others) that allows me to carry out some simple tasks using a pre-saved command line to query such things as;

    Version (apt policy fr24feed)
    Status (fr24feed-status)
    Update (sudo apt install fr24feed)
    Restart (sudo systemctl restart fr24feed)

    It seems the obvious one missing from there would be a command to pause/halt/stop or otherwise unload fr24feed for whatever reason and so I was wondering if there was a command that was available to do just that please?

    And are there any more commands that can be used to query and/or control fr24feed?

    Thanks & kind regards,

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    You already have it in restart. Basically.

    sudo systemctl stop <app>
    sudo systemctl start <app>
    sudo systemctl restart <app>

    in this case

    sudo systemctl stop fr24feed
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      And it was as simple as that <blush>

      Thanks for the reply Oblivian.

      Kind regards,