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    Hi there folks,
    long time listener, first time caller so to speak.
    Brand new to sharing and the forums, only started sharing data last week. i have a rpi 3b+ feeding my data, no problems at all, other than it could be in a better position. currently on a window ledge facing the nearest airport, 1km away. so im getting decent traffic and data, despite not having a full 360 degree view as of yet.

    I have a spare Rpi Zero W banging around, and i was wondering if anyone has seen this paired with a e-ink display to show the stats from the web interface such as connection status, upload mb/s aircraft tracked/uploaded ect. Its beyond my capability's atm to write code for all this, but thought it might be a cool stand alone display once i get the feeder buried away in the attic.
    has anyone seen such a project, or have some insight into how i would go about starting it.