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My Data Sharing IP not updating

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  • My Data Sharing IP not updating

    Hi, I couldn't find anything on this specifically, so I'm hoping I haven't regurgitating old problems.

    I have recently moved my ADS-B receiver (Raspberry Pi version) to WiFi and now the “My Data Sharing “ page won’t update/refresh to the new IP address and shows it is "OFFLINE".

    I have gone through and re-installed the latest version of FR24 software and when I get to the “Activate new receiver” page, it shows the new IP address and that the status is “ONLINE” and it is already Activated.
    This is also reflected if I connect my RPi to a monitor and check it that way. The Wi-Fi is working because when I connected a monitor/keyboard/mouse I could go onto the internet no problem.

    Just to make sure I even went through the "If your receiver is not in the list above please follow the instructions here" process on the SD card attached to my windows PC and locally on the RPi.

    The Mac address is the same on both pages.

    Any ideas??

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    Use fr24feed-status and the local web-config page. Not the remote stats

    The stats pages are only updated every hour or so

    And if you re-activated, probably got a new radar ID and all - it's made to be a 1-hit wonder. Subsequent reinstalls should only ever use the reconfigure command and put the same details in, or enter them in the config page
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      Hey Oblivian. I didn't reactivate as the page wouldn't allow it. I can't connect to the RPi via SSH either so can't execute the fr24feed-status.

      This is why it is weird. The device is obviously online and connected to Flight data, but I can't access it via my account on their website or SSH


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        Then you've got some local networking issues I suspect.

        Should always be able to either SSH or

        Don't have both cable AND wireless active do you. That will confuse routing
        Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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          definately only on Wi-Fi. Works perfectly on physical connection