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FR24feed 26-5 Offline - 26-9 released 18Oct

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  • FR24feed 26-5 Offline - 26-9 released 18Oct

    There looks to be a possible issue with users with DVBT sticks since v 26-4 - (As little as anyone appears to be admitting.)

    You may see similar to below. Otherwise manifested as unable to auto start properly on boot.

    This has always been attributed to Dump1090 conflict, Dump1090 not starting/running, or other connection issue only seen when running sudo fr24feed to see what happens during startup

    Neither will activate until the tracked AC list successfully goes >= 1

    [ ok ] FR24 Feeder/Decoder Process: running.
    [ ok ] FR24 Stats Timestamp: 2020-10-07 16:00:21.
    [ ok ] FR24 Link: connected [UDP].
    [ ok ] FR24 Radar:
    [ ok ] FR24 Tracked AC: 0.
    [FAIL] Receiver: down ... failed!
    [FAIL] FR24 MLAT: not running ... failed!

    This appeared around the same time as the DDoS attacks AND 2 different software releases so is only becoming clearer now as it doesn't effect all users
    - unfortunately many went ahead and reinstalled or tried to fix on their own that at the time wasn't really broken and as a result has been masked by various different experiences since.

    Been told by a user there is a 26-7 in the wild being tested by those who contact support to see if it fixes it.

    Until officially released that will be a .zip file, and you need to know how to download to the PI after being emailed. And how to expand and execute it
    (instructions may not be given)

    If you don't want to do that my only suggestion is to downgrade and see if it solves your issue. And wait for the fix - but be warned if you have auto update enabled. It will probably check for a new version and update periodically and undo the change

    !!! May effect other feeds on your Pi !!!!

    Scripted change to Dump1090-FA

    wiedehopf Has been instrumental in the later development of -FA products..

    sudo systemctl stop fr24feed
    sudo systemctl stop dump1090-mutability
    sudo wget
    sudo dpkg -i fr24feed_1.0.25-3_armhf.deb

    The alternate - go get some sunshine (if you are southern) or watch some Netflix. And wait for the next update which may or may not fix it...
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    Make start of dump1090-mutability independent of fr24feed to overcome this conflict. Once independent of fr24feed, the dump1090-mutability will continously run and produce data to be used by fr24feed.

    This is how I have done it:

    STEP -1:
    1.1 - Open file fr24feed.ini in nano
    sudo nano /etc/fr24feed.ini
    1.2 - Copy paste following line from above file into Notepad in your PC and save it


    1.3 - Delete the entire contents of file fr24feed.ini and make it blank.
    1.4 - Copy-paste following in the blank file fr24feed.ini, and save the file.
    (Replace xxxxx by your actual fr24 key)
    HTML Code:
    2.1 - Issue following command command
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure dump1090-mutability.
    Above command will open a dialog box, which will ask question "start dump1090-mutability automatically". By default "NO" set and NO button is is highlighted red. Use arrow key to move it to YES and make YES highlighted red. Press Enter Key, continued with entering latitude & longitude, and complete configuration

    STEP-3: Reboot Pi. Now dump1090-mutability is no more slave of fr24feed, starts at boot autoatically, and runs continously as an stand-alone app. The fr24feed will not start-stop it.





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      But has it actually been proven it is the start-on-demand at fault causing what people are seeing. Or if it is -mutability itself....?

      As that's pretty much what wiedehopfs does. But with less confident users only needing to copy paste 1 line and getting the added features as a bonus.

      (already been abused or accused of being a 'programmer' enough times suggesting people do multiple tasks)
      Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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        Version 26-9 has gone live under our noses with little fanfare.

        Those with auto update disabled or manually applied the broken ones will need to re-update

        Sudo apt-get update
        sudo apt-get install fr24feed
        Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers