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  • Forget FR24 versions...

    Pay no attention. It was between the 2 of us trying to work out how you likely installed the initial deployment of FR24. Because it isn't checking for new versions on the internet like it should.
    Which makes me think other things may also be broken/skipped. The .sh script does a bit of setting up and background changes.

    Originally posted by abcd567 View Post
    All of verdi's problem point to one common factor : problem with files/data loaded in ram. Rebooting reloads these files/data but maybe in some healthy part of ram.

    The Pi's ram is failing !!
    Bingo. Now you're starting to think down the same lines. Not sure if FA runs our of ram or disk


    If you want to find a root (likely HW cause) We are still waiting on your results from local tests - WHILE PI SERVICES ARE OBSERVED TO BE CRASHED - DON'T TRY TO RESTART THEM

    You need to find out why you can't:

    SSH from a PC - FR24 doesn't touch this - like, at all! it is a core Linux component
    Dump1090 updates fail - FR24 doesn't touch this either*

    I've tried to clear it up with an image and listing before, but once more for luck...

    If you have a Piaware image (quite clear you do). It installs:
    - Auto start on startup
    - Installs lighttpd to serve web pages (ala local web view)
    - Gets data from the USB stick. Saves to .json files, shows them on above page, sends same data to FA - FR24feed not linked

    And just.. works. You can then add other apps to look at the existing decoded output without screwing with more.

    A normal FR24feed install would then use the existing stuff. And all it would do is hook into the data output the same as everything else on :30005 and send it on it's way

    However, it hasn't been designed fullproof - if you blind install fr24feed. And chose the wrong receiver type (DVBT) or mess with some settings not knowing consequences

    It can:

    Install a copy of dump1090-mutability instead
    - Conflict with any other version present (that's a 2nd one that will fight)
    Make it start ONLY when fr24feed is running
    - Conflict
    - Open duplicate ports already open (bind errors)
    - Stop it restarting properly
    Try open more of the same ports that Dump1090 has open if setting 'Raw out' and 'BS out' to ON - these should never be ON unless you know the specific circumstances allow.

    But until you can rule out a fault and see why SSH stops for remote - which just shouldn't happen...
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    Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


    • SSH stopping to work is likely some network issue.
      Either the RPi hardware or some rare software issue ... or the router is at fault or something like that.

      Not sure why would suspect the RPi memory .... but whatever.

      I'd say the network dies in a way that doesn't allow new connections to be established.
      FA will happily run with the existing connection but FR24 regularly establishes new connections for stuff and will thus stop uploading.

      One more thing to try .... going to DHCP instead of all the static settings.
      But that would have to include clearing the router IP allocation.

      Once the issue happens again ... try
      ping -c 1
      ping -c 1
      ping -c 1

      And from another computer, see if you can ping the pi:

      Do you by chance enable some kind of VPN or something when you have the issues accessing / sshing into the pi?
      Do you change the WiFi? Do you have a guest WiFi and is either the Pi or your computer on that WiFi?


      • verdi:

        Simple debugging:
        Reimage microSD card with piaware sd card image, but do NOT install FR24 feeder or any other feeder or any other software, and dont screw it with any config setting except given below. Then let it run for few days. This will isolate the source of failure. If it still fails, then it is Pi/piaware. If it does not fail, then install fr24feed and run for few days and observe.

        After burning microSD card with piaware sd card image, and while it is still in card reader plugged to laptop/desktop, go to windows explorer and open the card reader (drive named "boot"), and do following
        (1) create a blank file named ssh
        (2) open file named "piaware-config.txt".

        (2.1) In the file scroll"piaware-config.txt", scroll down till you see following two lines:
        wireless-ssid MyWifiNetwork
        wireless-password s3cr3t

        Replace MyWifiNetwork with the name of your WiFi (aka the SSID of your local network)

        Replace s3cr3t with the password to your WiFi

        (2.2) In this file "piaware-config.txt", scroll down to bottom and add following line at the bottom:

        feeder-id xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

        Replace xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx by your actual feeder-id. You can find the 32-digit feeder-id (Unique identifier) from your Flightaware stats page

        (2.3) Save file, eject microSD card from laptop/desktop, slip into Pi and powerup.

        Do NOT screw this file by modifying anything other than that mentioned above. In particular do NOT modify anything concerning network, dhcp etc.


        • We assumed ram/disk as there's thus far been no evidence ruling it out.

          Nor if the storage of the json files (unsure where they're stored and did previously ask for input) is the reason for the map updates failing. And if no space could stop fr24 restarting.

          I did ask for ping earlier, along with a cache refresh of the browser to see if the httpd was actually responding or if that was the reason for map updates. Which again would point at the network like you say.

          But so far, who knows without actual feedback of suggestions.

          Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


          • I will do the pings the next time things go down.

            I do not have VPN. I don't have guest wifi. I don't do anything with the wifi except log into the router to look at the logs to see if anything happened that might shed some light on this issue.

            I put my equipment on the air in mid March in Tenn. It ran flawlessly for months. Around beginning of August I started having issues.
            ​​​​At the beginning of September I moved to NY and put the same equipment on. I had Spectrum internet at both locations. Different types of modern/router supplied by them.

            I don't seem to have issues with any other equipment or devices. I have TV, printers, laptops, desktop, kindle. All use wifi at various times. None have issues. Most of the problem with pi seems to happen overnight.

            I will keep working on it...


            • This is how FR24 has been running and what it has done today... Screenshot_20201019-201218_Chrome~2.jpg


              • Reimage with piaware sd card image, and run it for few days without installing FR24 feeder. This will single out if problem is caused by FR24 or Piaware/RPi.

                If running without FR24 gives no crash for few days, and SSH works ok, then install FR24 and watch for another few days.
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