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No Latitude / Longitude in Tracked Aircraft List

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  • No Latitude / Longitude in Tracked Aircraft List

    Hello, I'm very new to Pi & FR24 (1st post), so apologies if I am duplicating a question. I have been feeding data to FR24 for a few weeks but do not see Lat/Long in my 'FR24 Feeder Tracked Aircraft List'. I've tried several suggestions in the forum database, but still no lat/long. I am using a Pi4-B and a RTL-SDR R820T2 RTL2832U, DVB-T dongle attached to an outdoor, roof mounted 1090 MHz tuned antenna, at 1380 feet above sea level, and see ~750-900 aircraft / day with a max range of ~130 miles. I do see the lat/long & distance values for each flight listed in the dump1090/gmap.html. In my on-line account feed-stats the 'max distance' value is always 0 and my 'polar plot' never changes. My configuration files are attached, Hopefully someone can offer a solution.

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    Have you set the location in your FR24 stats page? If not, then go to and login to your account, then do this: >> Click on "My Data Sharing" tab >> Click "Show Statistics" >> In the field "COORDINATES", click on the "eye" symbol at far-right, and set new coordinates (see screenshot below)



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      I had set the coordinates on my FR24 stats page, but neglected to add a - before my longitude setting, since I am west of the prime meridian. So, as soon as I returned from the far side of the world, all flights started listing lat/long data and my Statistics page started looking much better! The only values that are still at 0 are 'Max Range/Avg Range" under Ranking, but I'm guessing those may be updated less frequently?

      Anyway ,,, Perfect Solution! Thank you very much!