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  • Ports needing opening?

    Hi all,

    We are trying to get our RaspberryPi working with Flightradar and I have followed all the correct guides but keep getting errors.
    As we are a school we go through a firewalled router.

    Are there any ports needed to be open for fr24 to work?

    Nothing wants to work.

    pi@raspberrypi:~ $ fr24feed-status
    [ ok ] FR24 Feeder/Decoder Process: running.
    [ ok ] FR24 Stats Timestamp: 2020-09-15 09:04:27.
    [FAIL] FR24 Link: unknown ... failed!
    [ ok ] Receiver: connected (1 MSGS/ SYNC).
    [FAIL] FR24 MLAT: not running ... failed!

    The time is also out by an hour if that makes any difference.

    Anyone have any ideas? Thankyou.
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    Regarding the time being off by an hour, when you type,


    at a prompt and hit enter is the time zone correct?

    From the FAQ:

    If you are behind a firewall, please allow the following outgoing ports to be opened for the receiver.

    Only outgoing ports required, no incoming.
    80 TCP, 22 TCP, 443 TCP, 19788 UDP/TCP, 8099 UDP/TCP, 53 UDP/TCP