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Best way to test an antenna?

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  • Best way to test an antenna?

    I built a little spider-type antenna a few days ago, and mounted it to the end of an 18-foot-long (2x2 inch) piece of ripped 2x10 I had laying around; figured it was better than a metal pole. Anway, I then mounted that to a 4x4 that was already in the ground, so it's now 18' above ground all by its lonesome. Connecting it to my Pi is RG-6 cable that reduces down to an F connector.

    My old antenna was the one that came with the ADS-B dongle. It looked like old TV Rabbit Ears, except I could shorten the leads down to around 4" each. I positioned one up and one down and used a suction cup to stick it up against a window near the roof of my trailer (I live in an RV). That was getting me up to 106nm of range. The new antenna so far is reporting 122nm. These figures are coming from the FL24 statistics page.

    I was wondering if there's a better/easier/faster way to test antennas and their position? I thought I'd do better than sub-20nm with the new antenna being another 6' up and with nothing blocking it on any side. I lilve in a valley so it's very flat in every direction for miles until you hit the mountains (Phoenix area).