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Updated home network (TP-Link M5 mesh) and FR24feed can't get a link to server

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  • Updated home network (TP-Link M5 mesh) and FR24feed can't get a link to server

    Updated home network to TP-Link M5 mesh and FR24feed can't get a link to fr24 server.
    I've portforwarded 8080,10000, 30002, 30003, 30005,30334 on the adsb rpi3b+ I use . *Local IP* dump1090 functioning.
    FR24 Link states "Disconnected (empty results" or "not configured - go to settings" - yes I panic'ed and startet to change the settings..
    Been reading this forum for two days now and unless someone point me in the right direction the last thing to do is re-install everything again..

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    You don't need port forwarding to fr24feed unless you are:
    Hosting the dump1090 page to the internet
    Have a firewall with strict rules that deny all other than permitted explicit.

    As fr24feed makes the connection OUT from your device. The port is auto open for IN over the same outbound connection as a result.

    Port forwarding opens up some risks (and can cause traffic to route wrong when it reaches your router)

    If it is unable to go out, it is probably still configured for the old DNS/Gateway and needs to be either auto or updated to reflect the new range.

    You will need to do some basic tests from the console.

    sudo ping
    - should get your local cloudflare node IP and response.
    sudo ping
    A google DNS server is the default receive IP for fr24
    You can install and telnet this on 8099 to confirm connectivity

    Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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      Arghhhhh :-D Off course - and somewhat off course! A lot of old and partially new IP, Domains and GWs in dhcpcd.conf . Fixed it! Tnx from T-ENKR3!