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Internet instability and blacklisted dynamic public IP

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  • Internet instability and blacklisted dynamic public IP

    Hello FR24 forumites!

    My son and I's decided that a fun summer project would be to setup a raspberry pi and start feeding data to FlightRadar24. The setup seemed to go well and the Pi is feeding data nicely as confirmed by status page on IP:8754. However, we have run into two problems which I have no clue how to start troubleshooting and having searched the forum I can't see a similar issue so I'm hoping someone can help!

    Problem 1:
    Once the Raspberry Pi is up and running and connected to the network (either by ethernet or wifi - problem exists on either connection) and is feeding data to FR24, machines on my local network start suffering from intermittant wifi disconnections, websites cannot be found etc. Another symptom is a bit of financial software I use for work (Bloomberg Anywhere) also suffers from connectivity issues and will restart itself every few minutes. This programme communicates via port 8194 back to Bloomberg servers if that matters? Once I pull the power on the Raspberry Pi and disconnect it from the network all problems cease.

    Problem 2:
    On the first day of runnning the Pi, we didn't notice any issues with our local network - however my family wasn't really using the internet so perhaps we just didn't notice the first problem described above. However, later in the day I was unable to log into my banking software and my wife was getting the same message on a e-commerce site. A quick google of the error message pinpointed the issue that our public IP address had been blacklisted by Brightcloud's Threat Intelligence service ( which many major companies use to assess whether a user could be pose a threat. According to Brightcloud our public IP was associated with potential spamming attacks.

    We scanned all the computers on my network with virus, spybot and malware scanners and all came back clean. The blocked IP address was easily solved by restarting our router as our IP (BT, UK - apologies, I'm not sure if this forum is UK centric or global in nature) assigns IP addresses dynamically. However, I can imagine that we could have a similar problem in the future if we can solve problem 1.

    Any thoughts on what the issue could be or where to start troubleshooting?

    Config:- Raspberry Pi 4B running Pi24, connected either by ethernet or wifi. ISP is British Telecom, router is BT issued HomeHub5.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I can't see how the first issue is even occurring unless something was installed on the Pi, or an image was used that has it's own conflicting network address server or similar installed

    You didn't go and make any pinholes or port forwards as a result of adding the Pi did you? As none are needed.
    And that sounds like a IP conflict or loop flood crashing the router.

    And blacklisted IPs can be a number of reasons these days. But you would be the first to report fr24 being the cause.

    Some ISPs share a single IP between up to 250 other users at a time - called CG-NAT.
    It only takes one of those persons to do something bad and 250 others are effected by it. But it would show on more than 1 site. As there are multiple blacklist providers, Brightcloud being one. IE

    Your 'WAN IP' in the router would appear as a 10.100.x.x. address or similar home type network address instead. While going to an IP scanner type site would still report a correct external BT mapped one
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