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MLAT Down, Feed Offline requiring reboot

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  • MLAT Down, Feed Offline requiring reboot

    I am a newbie here and am experiencing problems with uploading data.
    To start with I am running the following:

    1, Raspberry pi 3 B+
    2. A flightaware dongle along with their filter
    3. I am not using Pi24 but the program for when you are already uploading.
    4. A home made Frnklin type 6 element antenna ( which has more than doubled a/c quantity and increased my range to 200nm + from my previous setup)
    5. I am already uploading to Planefinder and ADSB Exchange.

    My problem is that although the reciever is showing as connected, the MLAT shows in red and failed and sometimes when I recheck the setup with a 'FR24feed-status the reviever is also showing in red and not connected, a reboot shows it connected again.

    I am on the setting for Beast TCP which again shows all connected and in green but when I do a 'rtl_test' it shows the dongle is not connected and error 6 which is a buisy warning.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I don't know what to try next.