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FlightRadar24 and Firewalls

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  • FlightRadar24 and Firewalls

    Hiya folks, quick question for you all since the search didn't turn anything up.

    During setup, I open the firewall up to allow the Pi unit to run its scripts and obtain whatever software / repositories / dependencies it may need.
    However, once setup is complete, the firewall rules are re-established and I have to white-list anything before the device will be allowed to talk to anything outside my local network.

    ( This keeps devices from talking to things I don't know about and / or approve of )

    Is there a list of IP addresses and / or sockets that the FR24 application will be talking to with regards to feed data uploaded to FlightRadar24 ?

    While I can see quite a collection of IP address / sockets getting stopped on the firewall, none of them have DNS entries so it makes it tough to determine if the IP's in question are FlightRadar or another application on the Pi that's trying to talk to a remote address.

    Hence, the question.

    Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.

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    The servers use Cloundflare front ends.

    So change depending on a bunch of smarts detecting the closest region and if there are clusters that go down they are redirected.

    So not really no. is one from memory. And possibly MLATx-. The rest are seen during the app starting up or using the established network command
    From memory
    netstat -lptn | grep fr24feed
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      Hmm. Okay, Cloudflare it is.

      It makes things harder, but not impossible

      Based on what was begging to be let out, these are the IP / Sockets I've identified thus far:

      TCP / HTTPS
      ( The 104.17. addresses are what resolve to the address. The others do not resolve at all. )

      UDP / 8099
      ( These resolve to )

      There is another that tries to get out upon launching the Grafana Dashboard that is Google based ( ) as well as one that is associated with ( ) which I am continuing to block as they don't appear to be necessary for the feeds and / or dashboard to function.

      TCP / HTTPS

      As of this writing, the Pi is happily feeding traffic.