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Upgrading to new raspberry pi, can current receiver id be retained?

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  • Upgrading to new raspberry pi, can current receiver id be retained?

    Opportunity arose to move my T-KHLN1 receiver from raspberry pi model 1 to a raspberry pi model 3B+. How will I make sure the current KHLN1 identifier will be assigned to this new raspberry pi rather a new identifier automatically assigned. The new pi by default will have a different ip address. Will retaining the same sharing key be sufficient?

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    By avoiding using the --signup option and typing in details you have not used before.

    So yes. Just don't run signup and add the existing key etc to the new config file.
    (Or use it, and use exactly the same email/PW and it will find it again.)

    Or if it is an updated version of the OS, try moving the SD card to it and unless the hardware changed a lot may start the same
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      Thanks for the prompt assistance! I'll let you know how it works out.


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        Got the new Raspberry Pi 3B+ running as KHLN1 but not quite as straightforward as anticipated. My planned approach was to install the released Raspberry Pi image supplied by Flightradar24 on the new Pi 3B+, start it up, go to Settings and edit the sharing key into the Config Table to be the same as the current sharing key on the Pi 1. This was to avoid activating the new install which would result in a new instance of KHLN being created with a new sharing key.
        Except, on a newly installed but not activated instance Settings did not show a Config Table. So I activated anyway and received a sharing key for KHLN5. Now Settings did display a Config Table complete with what looked like editable fields and a Save button at the bottom. I edited the sharing key field to match my old KHLN1 key. Clicked on Save and the sharing key field I had entered was instantly replaced by the newly assigned one for KHLN5 with no error message. Apparently, one cannot successfully change the sharing key by directly editing in the Config Table presented by Settings application.
        So I took the "get to the source" approach. Found the fr24feed.ini file in 'etc' and changed the fr24key parameter to be the one assigned to the Pi 1. Checked my account feed-stats page and it's working fine. Downside is there is KHLN5 assigned that will never be used.

        May well be a smoother way to do this "computer upgrade" but it worked.