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  • New question about transponders

    Hello all,

    Sorry if this is the wrong section to post this in, but what would happen (how would it appear on fr24) if a "blocked" aircraft either manually reset their transponder or turned it off, then waited roughly 15 seconds and turned it back on?

    I think that it would show duplicate aircraft for a few seconds then the "old" aircraft would disappear (and erase the flight path up to that point)

    Sound logical enough?

    Thanks in advance and I hope yall are doing swell!


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    I'm assuming nothing different to what we see now.

    FR24 loses aircraft messages all the time and can handle that. An aircraft can be out of range from one receiver for a short time before being picked up by another. Or data may be blocked by an obstacle such as a tall building.

    FR24 predicts a flight path for a short time, then updating it with later data. Why would turning off the transponder and on again duplicate the flight path? The transponder shouild be using the same unique ICAO hex code.

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