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Coordinates wrong...and a few other questions

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    eurostick 2020.png Bought a dedicated 1090mhz + FA Dongle (blue one) + FA filter (dark blue) as just getting a lot of interference from the 5G tower that's about 500 - 600 meters away from me.

    Here's a scan I done.

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      After you receive & connect the blue FA dongle and dark blue FA filter, run the scan again to see the reduction in mobile signal.

      As the dongle & filter have SMA connector, you will need F to SMA adapter or pigtail to connect your Spider.

      For Beginners - Howto Connect FlightAware Antenna, Filter and Pro Stick - Connectors and Cables Required

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        Thanks, bought a dedicated antenna.

        Also, yup, i'll run a scan when I get the new one set up.

        I've got the dark blue filter, apparently doesn't matter which way round it goes...


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          The Antenna you have purchased uses a BNC connector for external use. This is not good. BNC connector has limited weather resistance. You will need to apply self-fusing/self-amalgamating tape over the connector.

          How-to Protect Outdoor Connectors and Cable From Ingress of Moisture (Due to Rain & Snow) and Resulting Short circuit, Corrosion, and Drop in Performance.


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            Yeah thanks, it was missing it's weather seal when it got here, it would still need some on it though as you say "BNC" and weather!
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              Here we are.....

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                Great! The filter has removed lot of interference.
                Did you compare your stats (plane count, message rate, maximum distance) with and without filter?

                An easy way to do that is by installing performabce graphs by wiedehopf

                Command to install the graphs:
                sudo bash -c "$(wget -q -O -"
                Guide here:


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                  Good stuff eh?

                  yeah they are looking good. just waiting for the data to come in....

                  x marks the spot of the new filter...


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                    I discovered this thread about adding a filter, which led me to this one. I have the Jetvision ADS-B USB Dongle (R820T2) with the SCO-1090-MCX" Antenna (1090 MHz) which has been running very nicely for 3 years. The antenna is mounted high up (20m above ground level). Although I've been getting a range of about 225nm, I'm surprised it's not further as it's pretty flat in the East of England! I ran the interference scan and there is interference at 800-821Mhz and 921-961Mhz, so I'm assuming a filter would help, but I'm wondering what would be the best "plug and play" option?