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Coordinates wrong...and a few other questions

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  • Coordinates wrong...and a few other questions

    Hi people,

    Finally got round to getting a Pi, woop! great stuff, over the moon that I can start feeding again.

    I have an old EUROSTICK DX 25-2000MHz BASE SCANNER ANTENNA, attached up on the chimney, it's 25 - 2000MHz and I believe that the radio signals are 1060MHz, So I should be good to go with that?

    Also, no way on earth can I get my feed to work on USB/Beast it has to be TCP even though that goes against the long as it's online does that matter?

    And one last thing, I can never get the coordinates correct as I live in a -1 area, I've for years always struggled to find the correct settings for the dump1090 etc. Any help on that would be super.

    Thanks again.

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    I can never get the coordinates correct as I live in a -1 area
    Do you mean -1 timezone or 1 degree west ?



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      If you have a beast. You need to also specify USB settings. Or is it a USB DVBT device?
      For instance /dev/ttyUSB0 is needed for an actual BEAST
      And the port speed.

      Or if you have something that uses Dump1090, there may be some extra arguments to specify - What software install method did you use.

      As for the antenna, correct frequency is 1090. Right at the top end of that antenna. Although it *may* work, it isn't optimised so performance will likely be better with a simple 67mm wire.

      For the co-ords, find your location in and the correct format appears in the address bar link, only need the first 3 decimals from memory.

      Adjust them on fr24 vs local map is a different thing, Which bit do you think is currently set incorrect.
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        Thanks for the help, I think I'm all sorted, followed your install help pages on hear, I have the USB DVB-T Realtek RTL-2838, I edited the "dump1090" file, rebooted and all good, it's just the initial set up, when it asks you to input it as a "XX.XXXXX" and I start of with "-1 degree west......"

        Hoping the aerial will work, it be a shame wasted, had an old radio on there......


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          Wow, I chopped that little indoor aerial down and seen the range now! amazing!

          27-05-2020 08-59-54.jpg
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            Not too short I hope! That 67mm I said may not be accurate best to verify on the antenna thread, meant to take into account the base too.

            But if you noticed it, has to be a good thing
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              Thanks yeah I seen the thread and the pics about taking into consideration the bit that's in the base, I'm well chuffed, I haven't got my connection yet to test the one that's up on the chimney, but amazing results just of chopping it.....


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                can I just ask one more question? the Mhz of the antenna is 25-2000MHz, and if the planes are 1090, you know when you say "right on the border" for the frequency? surly this is only middle of it's range?....



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                  1090Mhz is only 10Mhz off the top end max tuned range. On a wide band, the middle is likely to be far better as gain drops to the lower/upper edges.
                  Because they are designed for sensitive tuned front ends that are in scanners it matters a bit less.
                  ADSB is a bit of an exception as it is near microwave/cellular and the USB sticks are not as sensitive or get flooded/overlapped.

                  Much like the fitpower tuners that can't do 1090 as they are not sensitive enough/able to properly shift to 1090 at the outter end

                  Mobile phone towers range from 850Mhz-1.5Ghz (1050Mhz) often have spill that the sticks get which is why some also have issues with nearby tower noise. Having a broad antenna that covers that can have a adverse effect

                  But like I said, you won't know unless you try it. But a tuned one, is usually always better than a broad range
                  Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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                    Thanks, I'm learning all the time, sorry if that was a super n00b question, I'll have to have a read back over you post and do some reading up on it.

                    Great stuff, thanks


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                      thought I'd drop you a picture in...



                      I thought I'd give the tin can a go but it didn't look to good in the morning.......



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                        Trial Run Results for Four Sizes of Ground Planes

                        Trial Run Results for Three Types of Whip Antennas

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                          thanks man, it's dead interesting.......that's the tuts that I followed about cutting the antenna.....


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                            Tin can added's the results....




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                              Re the picture of the modified whip - the wire wrap used is likely adding additional inductance and capacitance ( L & C ) to the "electrical" length of the antenna.Not known what this would be at 1090MHz but it could affect the recommended 67mm.