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Jetvision ADS-B USB Dongle (RTL2832/R820T2) not available - any valid alternative?

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  • i_MdV
    Thanks for providing very quick answers!

    Very appreciated!

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  • wiedehopf

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    I've bought the green AirNav stick as an upgrade to the cheap Jetvision dongle, it performs very well;

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  • Jetvision ADS-B USB Dongle (RTL2832/R820T2) not available - any valid alternative?


    I've Raspberry Pi 4 and I'd like to use it to feed data to FR24.
    Looking at instructions in Build-Your-Own, there is made reference to the Jetvision ADS-B USB Dongle (RTL2832/R820T2), that on Jetvision's website is indicated as not available (due to low quality of the product) and is proposed the AirSquitter that is very expensive for the usage/test I'd like to do.

    Have also read in the forum that the mandatory requirements are
    Must include (or be certain stick contains):
    Realtek/RTL2832 chip
    Rafael 820T/820T2

    I'd like from you with more experience if there are valid alternatives to the Jetvision ADS-B USB Dongle.
    Can you please be so kind to indicate me (possibly with link to webpages) valid and working alternative dongles?
    (please considering European market if possible)

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind Regards