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  • My data sharing no statistics graphics

    I set up a few month ago a raspberry with an usb dongle, and a basic "interior" antenna, which run quite well, given the limitations of the antenna of course.
    The station got named LFRS44, Feeding is OK, and when I go to My data sharing, everything looks OK (the holes in the uptime on the last days came from testings I've made.


    During the confinement, I decided to upgrade a litlle bit. I purchased a rtl-sdr v3 dongle, along with a LNA pré-amp+ filter and a proper antenna, and set up a PI3 with raspbian, dump1090FA and FR24.
    After different tries, i managed to get a working configuration, which is feeding fr24 almost properly as LFRS47 BUT... when I go to My data sharing, I have no graphics about availability, polar plot and so on....

    The station is now up for more than one day.

    Do I missed something?

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    Does /dump1090-fa show aircraft on the map?

    What does this command show:

    Show your config:
    cat /etc/fr24feed.ini

    Oh i think i see the issue: is it using the 2nd radar in your data sharing?
    See you can select between two radars.


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      Yes, dump1090-fa is showing aircraft. I'm not at home, so I cannot issue the requested commands, but I will do this evening, when coming back from work.

      The two radars are showing up in my data sharing page, each having it's own pane, and I can switch between the two radars:
      - LFRS44 is the pi with basic dongle and antenna : max range around 50nm , complete stats page.

      - LFRS47 is the new Pi3 with rtl-sdr V3+ preamp/filter and proper antenna. It seems to feed some infos, because the stats are showing max range, number of planes seen, number of position and contact but.... no graphics!!!!
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        OK, Here is the result for fr24feed-status:

        pi@raspberrypi3:~ $ fr24feed-status
        [ ok ] FR24 Feeder/Decoder Process: running.
        [ ok ] FR24 Stats Timestamp: 2020-05-22 17:42:26.
        [ ok ] FR24 Link: connected [TCP].
        [ ok ] FR24 Radar: T-LFRS47.
        [ ok ] FR24 Tracked AC: 7.
        [ ok ] Receiver: connected (1273737 MSGS/0 SYNC).
        [ ok ] FR24 MLAT: ok [UDP].
        [ ok ] FR24 MLAT AC seen: 5.

        and here is my fr24feed.ini

        pi@raspberrypi3:~ $ cat /etc/fr24feed.ini
        procargs="--net --enable-agc"

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          Looks normal?
          Must be a bug on the FR24 end.
          Or maybe it just wants more data before drawing anything?

          In the meantime, local graphs are always an option:


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            I tried a thing:
            I swapped the keys in the /etc/fr24feed.ini of both Raspberries, then restarted fr24feed.

            So, now LFRS44 is the new setup, with rtl-sdr V3/preamp/good antenna and LFRS47 the old one, with basic indoor antenna.

            After a while, things changed on the graphs, specially Polar Plot, which shows planes captured far more distant than the poor indoor antenna was able to.
            That means the new station is providing data correctly!!

            I will wait for tomorrow, as the stats on the page are updated every day. I bet I will get the results of the new station: bigger max range, more planes, more contacts....

            Then I will try another thing: register the old station with another account, to see if the issue comes from having two stations on the same account.
            I'm pretty sure, I will then get a complete stats page for the new account.


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              And.. that's it!

              This morning, the data sharing page of LFRS44, which was my first station is complete, showing the data of my new station,to which I gave the LFRS44 key.

              In the same time, the page showing the data for the second station I registered (LFRS47), which I have now assigned the key to my old station, is only showing the first frame of the stats page: Aircraft seen, Maximum distance, Positions and hits repotrted , but no graphs.

              Seems to be a bug on fr24 side. I will now try to register this old station with another account.....
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                I've got the same issue on one of my stations that started about a week ago. This station has been online most of the time but has had long periods of no aircraft tracked ( where have they all gone ? ) when it dispays Online - no data. There were days when I was showing nothing in the 6 lower panels and then these panels stopped being displayed. Interesting, when aircraft are seen, the Aircraft seen / Positions Reported / Max Distance and Hits Reported display tally data - but the Daily Availability Panel and lower aren't showing ..... strange !!

                I'll contact FR24 to see if they are aware of this issue. It seems the stats are being collected and included in the daily Shared Statistics. I'd wait to see if it gets fixed and wouldn't re-register to obtain another feeder code.



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                  I don't think this is a question of aircraft tracked or empty sky: my two stations are in the same location, the oldest one (I mean the first I registered 6 month ago) had a complete stats page, with some few aircraft tracked, and max range of nearly 50nm.

                  The newest one (ie the second I registered) which sees the same aircraft, and even more, due to its increased max range (around 200nm) had only a page with the first frame of data (Aircraft seen and so on).

                  As I said, yesterday evening, I swapped the two keys.
                  So the first key is now linked to the most powerful station, and is showing a complete page!!
                  and the second key is now linked to the oldest station, and shows only a page with the first frame of data but no graphs.


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                    Try different gain settings for the station not reporting

                    sudo nano /etc/fr24feed.ini
                    Change this line
                    procargs="--net --enable-agc"

                    procargs="--net --gain 45"

                    You may also try these:
                    procargs="--net --gain 49.6"
                    procargs="--net --gain -10"

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                      The fact is the station IS reporting , the pbm is that FR24 data sharing page do not show data graphs for it.

                      The page is showing number of aircraft seen, number of hits , number of positions , which let me think the station is feeding properly, BUT no graphs.

                      And if I swith both keys (did it yesterday evening):
                      - the station which had an incomplete page yesterday has a complete page today,
                      - in opposition, the station which had a complete page yesterday has an incomplete page today.

                      I'm in touch with FR24 support about it.
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                        I having the same issue, no detail data in statistics and i having 100% Uptime with AC's showing up in dump1090 map.
                        I start to share data this week i was wondering if i had to make one week to start to see the full stats.
                        Should i open a ticket as well?

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                          I´ve got the same issue here, it have been running since may 20th, but no more stats then what you show above.


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                            Ecosta and FinnStahl: is is your first station, or a second one with the same account?

                            I was thinking it was due to having a second station on the same account (my case) , but maybe it's a pbm with new stations.....


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                              Originally posted by wedge44 View Post
                              Ecosta and FinnStahl: is is your first station, or a second one with the same account?

                              I was thinking it was due to having a second station on the same account (my case) , but maybe it's a pbm with new stations.....
                              This is my first and only station.
                              A friend of mine gave me this one.
                              He has two stations at home, one is having same issues as here, no statistics shown.