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Raspberry PI 4B Having Trouble Connecting to Wifi

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  • Raspberry PI 4B Having Trouble Connecting to Wifi

    Good Morning,

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this question but I just finished setting up my Raspberry PI-4B and it is having problems connecting to the wifi I have tried both the 2.6 GHZ and the 5G and doesn't connect. When I connect it directly to the router through the ethernet connection it seems to connect. Any insight would be appreciated.


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    Which image you have written to your microSD card, Pi24 or Raspbian, or Piaware or something else?
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      i have tbe Pi24-2-2.0 image written to my sd card


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        Originally posted by Lynchie9000 View Post
        i have tbe Pi24-2-2.0 image written to my sd card
        This image has a file wpa_supplicant.conf in /boot folder when image is written to microSD card.
        You should have entered your WiFi SSID and password in it before removing the card reader from your Desktop/Laptop. Most likely you did not do it.
        This file disappears on first boot, but no problem, you can again create it and add your WiFi details.

        To do this please see post #3 (How To Enable WiFi) in thread 2019 - PI24 (Image) QuickStart Guide


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          Thanks for the information I tried those steps again added the country as US and added in my WiFi SSID name and password and the raspberryPI is still not showing connected. I even reinstalled pi24


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            Plug it in to LAN, SSH and follow the console portion of this


            Case sensitive SSID etc. it will give indication if the wifi is actually even enabled
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              Thanks for the info. I tried SSH into the raspberry Pi and configuring the WiFi and still doesn’t seem to want to connect. I have tried putting the SSID in all caps and all lower case and still no luck. Just wondering what I am missing. Wondering if maybe the PI is defective or if maybe I should use another build like Raspbian instead of the PI24


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                I have same problem with wifi to rpi4. Iread, att rpi`s own display prossessor get bad signal to wifi area nearly.
                I connect external wifi-dongle to rpi. Rpi is now 2 wifi, but I connect only 2nd wifi to network and close 1nd. Now is no problem to go network.