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Fr24 feeder on Win 10 VM problems or bugs ??

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  • Fr24 feeder on Win 10 VM problems or bugs ??


    I have installed Dump1090 and FR24 on a Windows 10 machine running VM Virtualbox according to instructions in the beginning of thread "Feed options for depreciated windows feeder

    This gave me the EB version of Dump1090 and Linux/generic/i686/1.0.18-5 version of FR24feed,

    It seems to be running well, I get the same range in local Dump1090 map/data as before, running on RPi.

    But, I have 2 problems:

    1. When a flight is approaching, I receive all data EXCEPT position for a long time (sometimes after 500-1000 msgs received as can be seen in DUMP1090). Is this info sent more seldom or?? any explanation why this happens?

    2. In FR24 statistics webpage, I never see the MAXRANGE reported in Dump1090. Example, I followed one AC with steady reception up to 240 nm but at the end of the day, FR24 statistics showed only 199 nm. I know the UTC time difference can affect reporting but this was within the same 24hr window on that day.
    Are there any known bugs in this feeder ? Or any explation to this ??
    I think there are no upgrades that can be done for the software when running on 386 machine in a VM configuration??

    Thanks in advance for any inputs on the above!Hi,