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Will changing the password affect the feeder stations

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  • Will changing the password affect the feeder stations

    Hi there,

    I have been feeding to FR24 for a while now and enjoyed the complimentary premium access on the app.
    Recently, the e-mail/password combination stopped working on the app as well (for some reason, it never worked on the website).

    I don't recall whether a password is necessary for feeding data? My concern is that when I change the password my feeding will be affected, and I don't have access to one of the feeders I run. Do you know whether changing the password will affect the feeding?


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    As far as I know, It's only used to establish/confirm an active radar ID/Key or create a new one if not allocated to that email/pass account.

    Once your config has the key, it requests ID/location from server and feeds.
    When rebuilding you only need to restore the config file with the key to work which seems to back it up.

    (reconfigure simply asks for key if you have one)

    So changing the SITE password (not related to forum), you can still go into your account settings and recover it anyway
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