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    Why do you link stuff on when you're in Germany?

    The tuner you have won't work properly for ADS-B.
    It's at the edge of the frequency range.
    The performances is EXTREMELY POOR!

    I don't like using the DVB-T setting in fr24 .... i like to be able to look at logs and stuff.
    Try this:

    Not that it will magically improve your tuner.

    Anyhow ... if you really don't want to spend much, this will be much better than your current stick:

    Setting those magnetic base antennas on a pot or a can (can/pot upside down) also helps with reception.
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      Originally posted by wiedehopf View Post
      Not sure why that page was linked or which intent it had. I didn't link it.
      I linked that page and purpose was to show to Original Poster that his dongle "Cinergy XS DVBT-Stick" will not work, as on Welche Sticks? site it was listed under "Diese Sticks sind definitiv nicht kompatibel!"


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        Well the page also lists plenty of sticks with FC12/13 as compatible.
        That is .... not very helpful in regards to ADS-B reception.


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          Originally posted by JoM View Post
          This is what I bought based on the link and the amazon ratings:

          This is fraud by seller.
          He listed the dongle ""RTL2832U + R820T2", but sent you dongle with Fitipower FC0012 tuner.

          wrong dongle.png


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            Originally posted by wiedehopf View Post
            Well the page also lists plenty of sticks with FC12/13 as compatible.
            That is .... not very helpful in regards to ADS-B reception.
            You are right. I was concentrating about "Cinergy XS DVBT-Stick", and did not realize they have listed Fitipower as compatible. Sorry for that.

            The right chipsets for ASDB is "RTL2832U + R820T2".
            Although JoM ordered right one (listed by seller as "RTL2832U + R820T2"), the seller sent him Fitipower one. He can return it and claim his money or they should send a replacement.
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              Hey Guys,

              first of all, thanks very much for your explanations and patience.
              I tried the github script from wiedehopf, it changed my settings to mode-s beast but it didnīt help,
              again the planes were just tracked but not uploaded. And it killed my other projects running on the
              raspberry, so I went back to a backup :-)

              Now I have three options, I donīt care about the range, just want it working.




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                The first one will work and is the cheapest and will arrive quickest i think

                Sorry that it killed something else, that was not my intent!
                Can you elaborate what it interfered with?

                Did you have a look at the local map if you could see the planes there?
                As i stated before, it's not uploading because you're not receiving the tracked planes well enough.
                At least i think that's the issue. (which would make sense considering the SDR you're using)


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                  Ok, Iīve ordered it. But due to covid it will take until apr14th until I get it.

                  No problem, I knew what I did and do always have a current backup before I try new things, so I just had to switch the sd-cards.
                  My main task on the raspberry is homebridge, that brings all my gadets to apple home so I can control the house via siri.
                  That task was killed completly. And the second one is pi-hole to filter ads, that was still working but I couldnīt access the
                  admin page anymore.

                  I always checked the local map and there are a few planes passing by, and the close ones are getting tracked.
                  No worries, Iīll just wait until the other stick arrives and tell you next week.

                  Thanks again and cheers,


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                    It shouldn't have killed that homebridge thing and i'm not sure how that would happen.
                    With pi-hole already hogging lighttpd ..... the configuration gets quite complicated.

                    I suppose if you only want the FR24 membership, no need for any local page ....
                    Good luck with setting that up without breaking stuff ;P


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                      Ok, Amazon was faster than expected.
                      I changend the stick, rebooted the Raspi and everything works.

                      Thanks again for your magnificent help!!!