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Changelog information for fr24feed software?

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  • Changelog information for fr24feed software?

    Recently, my instance of fr24feed running on a Raspberry Pi was auto-updated from version 1.0.24-7 to 1.0.25-1. The newer version is also now linked from the page. No changelog info is provided when I do "sudo apt-get changelog fr24feed", nor is there any linked here:

    Does anyone know what has changed, and where one can reliably find this information? I've contacted as well.

    Best regards,

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    Good luck with that! Last time I emailed support about changes they said "We don't have that info" !! I've turned off auto-update.


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      At a guess.. 24-8 fixed the can't save changes on web config 24-7 had.

      This probably takes care of the other alert I posted..

      Sdr blacklist rules changed to the new format that ended up blocking sticks instead with dump1090 mutability

      New installs after the change would have generated fault calls. Check your dump1090 ver after upgrade (if your receier is set to dvbt, not valid for stand-alone install) it's likely been replaced
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        Hi there,

        I've received a reply from support, who have now updated the changelog file here:

        So version 1.0.25-1 now has information, but the previous version I had, 1.0.24-7, does not. Here is what is currently listed as the latest versions:

        Best regards,

        # [1.0.25-1] - 2020-03-10
        ## Fixed
        - NIC decoding for ADS-B version 1 & 2
        - Settings were not writable when running Pi24 image
        - CRC checksum is now always enabled even when using basestation-tcp receiver.
        ## Added
        - Added incremental back off when MLAT connection cannot be established

        # [1.0.24-6] - 2019-11-04
        ## Added
        - Local buffer for low-latency data

        # [1.0.24-4] - 2019-10-09
        ## Fixed
        - Fixed Radarcape timestamp checking
        - Fixed avr-tcp receiver mode in no-mlat setting

        # [1.0.24-2] - 2019-10-01
        ## Changed
        - Raspberry Pi debian package auto update now scheduled at random time on each receiver.

        # [1.0.24-1] - 2019-10-01
        ## Fixed
        - Kinetic receiver support (SBS1,2,3 working again)
        ## Changed
        - Updated NTP synchronisation, custom server now possible with --ntp-server=
        - Decoder now uses c-ares for DNS, replaces system ping command for static build


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          Well done for getting a useful reply from Support!


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            Anyone else still unable to save config changes using <ip-of-pi>:8754 settings ? I'm using Buster Lite and just manually updated my images to 25-1. Still needed to edit the ini file.

            Will continue investigating ...

            Update - not working with Stretch either.
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