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Is there a best way to install those 5 feeds ?

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  • Is there a best way to install those 5 feeds ?

    I like to install those 5 feeds, i try to do it with dump1090-fa, but gets many errors, dongle not found, MLAT disable.... and many more, so i preferred to do it dump1090-mutability . (sorry oblivian)

    What is the best order to install those 5 ?

    Flightradar24 feeder
    Flightaware feeder
    Radarbox24 feeder
    Planefinder feeder
    Adsbexchange feeder

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    Theres no real best order.

    But you need to know what settings you are about to configure/change when asked questions by the installers. As not really knowing the result, may end in a bad config which is what it appears you keep doing.

    As outlined in all guides, if you start with your own standalone feeder first. You can NOT choose a USB device in any other setup options. They all need to be configured for network/TCP data source

    And you need to know what format/ports your decoder you installed opens based on the options you set it up with.
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