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Upgrading to dump1090 v1.15 on Windows

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  • Upgrading to dump1090 v1.15 on Windows


    I'm using an existing windows device to run dump1090 with FR24 feeder running on my Linux server for the feed.

    Everything works great however the map is Google and out of date (as widely shown elsewhere on this forum).

    I was wondering if anyone had managed to compile dump1090 v1.15 mutability on Windows or am I facing a lost battle before I start?

    I could just go down the Pi route but I really need to keep a Windows desktop at the feeder location which is currently accomplished with a bare bones PC. Sadly it doesn't meet minimum spec for Linux Subsystem either.

    Also happy to hear of alternatives to using the built in map for showing local planes.

    Any guidance appreciated thanks!

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    I have not tried it. This is only a concept. May work, may fail.

    In Windows version of dump1090 (malcolm robb), replace html folder by the html folder from dump1090-mutability ver 1.15 source code.

    Will try it this weekend and see if it works. Chances are it wont, as malcom robb version uses builtin webserver, while mutability ver 1.15 requires an external webserver like lighttpd.
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      you could run dump1090 on the linux server and serve the map there using the beast data from port 30005.

      if you don't know how to do that manually, i'd suggest using this:


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        (1) Which Linux distro, and architecture you are using?

        (2) Which receiver you are using?

        You can install dump1090-mutability (or dump1090-fa) on your linux computer, with your receiver connected to your linux computer. You can see the map in browser of Windows on this address:

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          Thanks both, lots to think about!

          I agree, doubt the change of folder will do it but certainly worth a shot.

          I didn't think of running dump1090 twice - something I can play around with definitely!

          As for my Linux server it's Ubuntu 18.04 but I can't get it close to my receiver (FlightAware Pro) because, well, it's a server!

          I am trying to sustain the Windows box that the FA stick is plugged into as I need a Windows system in the same location. This setup allows me to keep windows whilst still serving FR24, so win win.

          I'm not overly bothered by the map, I just like to check it a few times a week to see what's going on and the Google rubbish gets in the way for me.

          Thanks again, I'll report back if I find anything!


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            Install VRS (Virtual Radar Server) on Windows, and feed it from dump1090

            Connect ADSB 1090 Mhz data on dump1090 to VRS. For ADS-B, it can be configured two ways, both are ok.

            Alternate 1:
            Format "Basestation"
            Port 30003

            Alternate 2:
            Format "AVR or Raw Beast Feed"
            Port 30005

            VRS-dump1090 on Windows-map choice.png

            VRS-dump1090 on Windows-1.png

            VRS-dump1090 on Windows-2.png

            VRS MAP
            VRS-dump1090 on Windows-3.png

            DUMP1090 MAP
            VRS-dump1090 on Windows-4.png
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              That's great! Thank you for that suggestion

              I like how I can customise it and secure the page etc. so although it's something else to run I think it's worth it in the end

              P.s. I actually caved in last night and bought a Pi Zero to play around with. Don't really need it now but sure I can use it for something else!