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Frequent interruptions

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  • ylis
    Last year there were numerous posts about irregular or intermittent uploading. Not sure if your issue is similar. Is it still happening ? The solution to that issue was:

    2018-11-19, 10:46
    Following Oblivian's suggestion, I sent my diag logs to FR24support.
    Muazzam of FR24 quickly replied and suggested the following:

    - add the following two parameters to /etc/fr24feed.ini
    - restart your Pi and see if this helps.

    EUREKA, it did help for me!
    I hope adding these two parameters to fr24feed.ini will be of help to other users as well if they are struggling with the same issue.

    Thanks again to Oblivian and to Muazzam of FR24, for their support!
    Or it could be another issue eg power supply

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  • humaila
    It is a wired connection and on my laptop (wireless) I sense nothing. Really strange...

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  • Afreaka
    I think it could be an unstable internet connection. For example, my connection is via 3G-network and if the connection is bad (it's a remote location), it looks like on your photo.

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  • humaila
    started a topic Frequent interruptions

    Frequent interruptions

    Hey guys,

    I am new here and also new host. I am using a RaspberryPi 3 with ADS-B.
    Can anyone please explain to me why I experience these interruptions durring the day/night?
    Is it my hardware or is it the weather, or what can it be?
    Sorry if there were any posts about this, but I had no clue what to search for.

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