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Feed statistics inconsistency.

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  • Feed statistics inconsistency.

    Hi to all,
    I am a novice at flightradar24. Yesterday I prepared the receiver with my raspberry pi 3. The installation of the Raspberry was all in all simple. Both for lack of time and the lack of an adequate antenna, I did a test on the fly, and I put a small antenna, the typical ones bundled with the DVB-T USB key - and I had no particular problems receiving the first planes. My radar ID is T-LIML108, and yesterday from the beginning of the reception I received 93 aircraft with a maximum distance of 29nm, consistent with what I was able to observe.

    This morning I had the feeling that the receiver was not working well. In fact, at the first moment, the number of planes was not updated on the Flightradar24 summary page ( But the bizarre thing is that as a maximum distance it gave me a senseless (deficient) value. So I thought the location was not configured for dump1090. I reconfigured dump1090, and by connecting to I was able to verify that despite the luck positioning of the antenna as well as not being suitable for these frequencies, I have seen planes up to 38nm. Yet so far, the flightradar24 statistics page gives me 83 planes detected with a maximum distance of 13nm (!).


    I thought it might be a fr24feed configuration problem. I have reconfigured it for a few hours: the number of planes is updated, but for flightradar, the farthest plane appears to have been at 13nm. I have to admit that after the reconfiguration of fr24feed I found it as avr-tcp receiver, and MLAT running remains NO.

    Furthermore, it is not clear to me how the maximum distance is decided. Does flightradar consider the distance of the first data received or the last one? Why are the aircraft's geographic coordinates often not present or updated more frequently than other aircraft data?

    Thank you very much, I apologize for the certainly stupid questions, but my adventure with FlightRadar24 started just over 24 hours ago.
    I still have many questions, but I'll stop here!

    Thanks again for your patience and for the advice you want to give me.

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    majority of that answered in faq and about.
    mlat in particular

    Stats require 24hrs to settle.

    ? In each area on stats explains each

    Distance you see local will differ as it reacts to the slightest data blip. And hangs on for period after timeout. (Notice last seen 10sec ago) Fr24 require more data between uploads so will ignore patchy cover. Likewise weak signal will miss some data like you see

    Unsure of receiver, but make it beast-tcp:30005 over avr-tcp

    Fr24 location is not taken from dump1090. Click the coordinates eye on the image you posted to check.

    But i suspect it is bad signal/antenna. You should get 50-70 with a basic tuned kit and free sky
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