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Added filter. Gained flights on FR24, dropped on flightaware

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  • Added filter. Gained flights on FR24, dropped on flightaware

    Hey guys,

    Hope some of the experts can help.

    Running a flightaware pro plus stick with black flightaware antenna. Been getting really good hits with this setup. Thought I'd add a AirNav RadarBox 1090 MHz ADS-B Filter behind it since I'm in the NY/NJ metro area. Now with the filter I'm getting a weird phenomena. On piaware the total aircraft and positions dropped by almost 15%. Yet on fr24 I gained nearly 20%. Its pretty significant. You can see the results immediately after installing the filter. I remove it and everything evens out again.

    Also noticed over all everything has dropped. Maybe due to the bad weather in the area.

    I might just yank off the filter and leave it be. Maybe I'll try the uptronics preamp with filter.


    EDIT: Extra info, running clean pi image. Installed piaware first and added fr24 feeder.
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    Is this the filter you are using?

    AirNav RadarBox 1090 Filter.jpg


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      Yep thats the one.


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        I have ordered this filter. Waiting for delivery. When delivered, will try and post results.


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          I hope you solved your problem by now but just in case i want to share how i solved my struggle. I had conflicts with both piaware+fr24 and fr24+piaware installations. So i kept looking and i think i came across the better option:
          1. Install dump1090 - that will give you access to your local antenna and radio and will show you locally what airplanes you can see
          2. Install the uploader software for as many uploaders as you want (fr24, flightaware, plane spotter, etc)

          Here is a good guide for setting this up. As i said the reason i like it is that is breaks down the setup for me and i can troubleshoot easier.