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Added filter. Gained flights on FR24, dropped on flightaware

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  • Added filter. Gained flights on FR24, dropped on flightaware

    Hey guys,

    Hope some of the experts can help.

    Running a flightaware pro plus stick with black flightaware antenna. Been getting really good hits with this setup. Thought I'd add a AirNav RadarBox 1090 MHz ADS-B Filter behind it since I'm in the NY/NJ metro area. Now with the filter I'm getting a weird phenomena. On piaware the total aircraft and positions dropped by almost 15%. Yet on fr24 I gained nearly 20%. Its pretty significant. You can see the results immediately after installing the filter. I remove it and everything evens out again.

    Also noticed over all everything has dropped. Maybe due to the bad weather in the area.

    I might just yank off the filter and leave it be. Maybe I'll try the uptronics preamp with filter.


    EDIT: Extra info, running clean pi image. Installed piaware first and added fr24 feeder.
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    Is this the filter you are using?

    AirNav RadarBox 1090 Filter.jpg


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      Yep thats the one.


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        I have ordered this filter. Waiting for delivery. When delivered, will try and post results.