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Feeding not working with LCD

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  • Feeding not working with LCD

    Hi guys! I just started feeding to Fr24 but I had a problem. While feeding using Monitor HDMI I was able to see the main screen with ip and informations about how many airplanes the feeder has detected. I decided to buy an external 5inches display, to connect to the HDMI port. I configured this and it’s working fine, but now I can’t go back to the Main screen and also I can’t view anything except the screens I sent here. I just want to make raspberry auto-start feeding as the normal situation I had before installing this LCD and also I want him to feed h24 correctly. With this LCD it looks offline for Flightradar24 but I am able to reach the main page in local surfing to can someone help me? I don’t want to login at every startup of the device and also I want him to work automatically, without plugging in any keyboard. Displaying at the same time the informations on my lcd hdmi screen
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    You get the Placeholder screen when you just go to <ip.of.pi>. Do you mean the screen you see at <ip.of.pi>:8754 ?



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      Yes dear, I would like that when I turn on the device he goes to this screen without logging in and without writing any command, as before. Once I installed this LCD I had these changes


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        If it's HDMI ... don't install anything, just connect it.

        If you installed some sort of special script for the LCD .... use a fresh image ... those scripts do a bunch of stuff an no one here will be able to tell you how to remove it (or have the patience for it)


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          Dear I had to install many drivers but now the radar seems working. It takes some minutes since I power on the device to transmit on flightradar the feed. I just like to know if there is a bash command to turn back to the 8754 screen on the lcd of the device