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FR24 decoder RAW data feed, port 30334; VRS connects but no aircraft

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  • FR24 decoder RAW data feed, port 30334; VRS connects but no aircraft


    I've installed FR24 decoder version 1.0.24-5 on an Ubuntu box. It's happily been feeding data to FR (T-EICK30) for a week now from a Kinetic SBS1 box. Today, I'm trying to get Virtual Radar Server (VRS) up and running on a Windows 10 PC on the same LAN with data coming from the FR24 decoder running on the Ubuntu box, but I'm stuck:
    • I've enabled the FR24 decoder RAW feed on port 30334 on the Ubuntu box (IP and restarted FR24 decoder
    • I've opened the firewall on the Ubuntu box for port 30334 (TCP)
    • I've installed VRS on the Windows 10 PC and configured a receiver for "AVR or Beast RAW feed" with network settings (the IP of the Ubuntu box) and port 30334 with keep alive enabled
    • VRS indicates it's connecting to the Ubuntu box on port 30334, that it is successfully connected but thereafter nothing happens - Total Messages, Bad Messages and Aircraft Tracked all stay at 0...
    I temporarily disabled the firewall on the Windows 10 PC just in case that was doing something but no change

    In FR24 decoder I temporarily enabled the SBS Basestation feed by restarting FR24 decoder with the "--mps" option (that delivers data on 20072) and am able to run Kinetic's Basestation software on the Windows 10 PC just fine - aircraft popped up as you'd expect. I can feed data from the Basestation software to VRS by creating a second receiver in VRS that connects to port 30003. I just can't get FR24 decoder to talk directly to VRS via 30334... A connection is made but that's it...

    What am I missing here..? Any and all suggestions welcome

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    Check if your settings are same as shown in screenshot 1 of 2
    The IP of my RPi on which fr24feed is running is and I have entered it into settings.
    You have to enter your Ubuntu computer's IP.
    If both the fr24feed and VRS are running on same computer (Ubuntu), then use

    SCREENSHOT 1 of 2

    FR24FEED to VRS 30334.png

    SCREENSHOT 2 of 2

    FR24FEED to VRS 30334-B.png
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      Hi and thanks for the reply and suggestions. That's what I've got...:


      ...and here's what the VRS screen shows:


      FR24 decoder on the Ubuntu box has RAW data enabled; here's the contents of the fr24feed.ini file:


      The connection is being made between the two machines so its not a firewall issue but it appears no data is flowing over 30334... The Ubuntu machine is a virtual machine running on VirtualBox on the Windows 10 PC but I'm already using it as my web server and I've had no network issues of any sort with it. It's like the FR24 decoder daemon isn't sending any data over 30334 for some reason..?


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        I'm not entirely sure its possible for a raw out from SBS source. Data conversion required due to it being proprietary/encrypted. (which is why there is a relay option)

        It will likely open it, but not send anything out it.

        Not enough SBS users stuck around to test and confirm such theories for us however.

        The best you could hope for is use telnet on the open ports and check the data structure.
        Binary would be fairly unreadable and continually scrolling. AVR would be similar to

        believe the only way is using modesmixer or similar, or FR24->SBS relay->Basestation->BSout (30003) (or raw out 30006) -> VRS
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          Ah OK, I understand. I've just taken a look (telnet 30334 on the Ubuntu box) to see what's being pumped out... nada... no data at all.

          I'm successfully running FR24->SBS relay->Basestation->BSout (30003)->VRS since yesterday but of course that requires running Basestation which isn't the most well written application in the history of computing - it's a bit of a CPU hog.

          Maybe time to replace the old SBS1 box..?
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            Get rid of the old SBS unit ... the coax and antenna should work well with one of the rtl-sdr receivers and a pi.