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I can see aircraft in my FR24 Feeder but not on the Web

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  • I can see aircraft in my FR24 Feeder but not on the Web

    I have two questions regarding the FR24 Feed I am providing:

    a.) I am see aircraft on my FR24 Feeder Status (some of them which I fly) and they have been tracked by FR on previous flights. However they do not sho wup on FR's web page though I am tracking them constantly? Is that because of MLAT and not enough antennas tracking them?

    b.) When I set my FR Web filter to my radar (T-XXXX) all aircrafts disappear. Shouldn't I see just those that I am currently tracking with my antenna? The feed says it's up, the web platform shows thousands of tracked aircraft for my station?


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    Same problem with me.
    The problem occur in the last 2 month.
    I think it is because my network have problem with UDP connection.
    The feeder software maybe can not detect intermittent UDP connection,
    so the status still OK but actually no data sent to fr24 server.