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    Having seen my setup, the son of a pal of mine expressed an interest in feeding FR24. To this end I have cloned my SD card, with the intention of changing the configs and giving it to him as a gift.

    I am feeding both FR24 and Flightaware. I have had no problem with tht FR24 config (I hope), but I cant find any config for the Flightaware feeder: /etc/piaware.conf is empty; /boot/piaware-config.txt seems not to exist and sudo piaware-config reports nothing.

    Now this is obviously not a Flightaware forum, but as I don't have an account on that forum and I know many folks have the experience, I thought I'd ask here first.

    Any tips on anything else I might like to check/maintain before handing over this clone SD card would be gratefully received, as I'm not really wanting to 'gift' my userIDs and passwords!

    Thank you

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    This is what you want to know:

    No need to restart piaware in your case.

    He'll have to re-run the FR24 signup process, you should probably explain that to him.

    Put some graphs on there for optimizing the antenna or just because it's nice to have:
    A couple of webinterfaces to choose from also don't hurt:

    But i suppose he could install such stuff himself if he were so inclined.
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      That's great, thank you for the assistance and for the the extra links. I think I will provide them as a note with SD card, as they would form a nice introduction on how he can enhance his setup.

      With respect to the piaware-config command, is this not just a 'helper' to write information to some text-based config file somewhere? Also do you know why it is that if I execute it with no parameters it shows me nothing and if I use -showall it shows feeder-id as <unset>, yet I am definitely feeding FlightAware?



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        With the feeder-id not set in the configuration files, the feeder-id assigned by FA is saved in /var/cache/piaware/feeder_id

        So in your case deleting that file is sufficient, but in the hope of not having to explain anything, i link the guide.
        Stopping piaware is still important because it's written to the cache when piaware exits.


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          Excellent. All is explained, thank you.