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  • Stopped feeding altogether

    After some 5 or 6 months feeding without a glitch, I finally received that "Hello, your feed XYZ has been offline" email.
    Indeed, The RPi appeared dead. Further investigation showed that the micro-sd card somehow got corrupted, so everything just stopped.

    It just so happens that a few months ago, with everything working, I made a backup of the installed image on that micro-sd card. So now it was just a matter of getting a new card and burning it with that very same image, via Win32DiskImager. In less than 5 minutes I was up & running again.

    So here is the reminder for everyone else: as with everything IT-related, take a moment to back up your card. Now, when your setup is working fine, it's the perfect time to do it. You may thank yourself someday for not having to go through the whole manual install, again.
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