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USB Ads-b receiver questions

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  • USB Ads-b receiver questions

    Currently using one of those cheapo blue stick from ebay with a Raspberry Pi 3B

    Has been running relatively smoothly for the pass few months with some restarts needed every few weeks.

    1) What's the estimated life span for the USB receiver and Raspberry Pi running 24/7

    2) If i would to upgrade to a better USB receiver, which should i go with?

    3) Would this usb stick be a step-up than my current cheapo stick or they're about the same?
    (eg Flightaware Pro Stick/Plus)

    4) Do filters increase range?

    5) What other upgrades can i perform to increase range or reliability in general
    (limited to indoor antenna, as i'm currently a dorm student living on the 3rd floor w window)

    Apologies for not providing link, not able to with current number post...


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    Optimize your antenna.

    If you have a good quality power supply, the setup might last 5 years or longer.
    But it's all up to chance, not every part is produced equal.

    The USB receivers can last longer or shorter, i'd say most keep working at least three years.
    But there are always some that fail.

    The ProStickPlus is most likely an upgrade.
    You could also go with the green receiver from here:

    Note that the green receivers are likely less reliable as they run a bit hotter.
    But they are cheaper and the ProStickPlus requires an extra filter in some circumstances, the green receiver mostly works out of the box with more interference present.


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      Thanks, i will look into it!