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Understanding RF scan

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  • Understanding RF scan

    Using a tutorial I did a scan for other RF noise in my area, two weeks ago when I did my initial setup. Today I replaced my SDR dongle with the one from RTL-SDR and augmented it with their LNA. I set it up, enabled the bias-tee and so on and it seems to be working fine. I ran another RF scan. The results are here. Original scan is on top, scan with LNA and new SDR dongle is below.

    Am I interpreting this incorrectly or does it seem *more* noisy than before? I have not noticed an appreciable gain in range or amount of aircraft tracked, but have noticed that the area of coverage has slightly improved.

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    Which LNA did you get?

    They have a filtered and unfiltered one.

    With the unfiltered one all signals are gonna be stronger, so that's what you see on the scan.
    If it's the filtered one you bought, it's defective. But that usually looks different and not like that, so i would guess you bought the unfiltered one.


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      (1) I fully agree with wiedehopf.
      (2) Forum members who have not performed RF scan will be at loss how the scan is performed when they read "Using a tutorial I did a scan". It would benefit many readers if a link like this was embeded: Using a tutorial I did a scan.


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        I have accidentally bought the unfiltered one, so this mistake is mine. I will return it for an exchange.

        And yes, abcd567, that is the tutorial I used. I will be sure to link in the future.